StarVie lands in Australia through its subsidiary StarVie Australia and in partnership with Padel In One. It is with a great honour and pleasure that we launch our brand by welcoming our first player in Australia, TIM BROWN.

StarVie has settled down in more than 30 countries worldwide and now it arrives in Australia to provide Australian padel players with a whole new concept of racquets and to help the development of padel in the country.


Tim was born and raised in Sydney (Australia) where he is currently living. He grew up playing both tennis and football at state level. At the age of 10 Tim played and won his first ever tennis tournament. From then onwards he started being coached and won lots of junior titles up until the age of 16 when a wrist injury took him off the court for over 12 months and prevented him from returning to the same level. Soccer then took over for a while until the passion for competing in tennis tournaments brought him back to tennis once again.

In 2015, on his way to watch a professional rugby match at Moore Park in Sydney, he noticed that there were 2 courts surrounded by walls that he had never seen before. Soon after he tried padel and immediately became addicted to the sport. After falling in love with padel he has been training and playing matches ever since.

In 2019, Tim achieved his best padel results. Runner-up in the Gold Coast FIP held at KDV Sports and he also became a member of the Australian Padel National Team. The Aussie Crocs went on to win the Asian Cup Championship held in Chiba (Japan) where 5 countries from Asia Pacific area competed for the championship.

From the perspective of StarVie Australia, we are very happy to sign a player like Tim. He represents the values we believe in. Honesty, hard work, effort and excellence are values that we also carry in our DNA.


StarVie is a Spanish brand exclusively dedicated to PADEL with a broad experience in the sector since it was created in 2002. The company which has its own factory located in Azuqueca de Henares (Spain) prioritizes research, development and innovation. And it is always looking for a thorough selection of materials to produce high-end products. Through a detailed handmade process, StarVie offers a wide range of racquets to fulfil any kind of player’s necessities. This is also complemented with a sportswear and accessories line.

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