Triton and Triton PRO are the two out three new models that StarVie included in 2020 Collection. These racquets have a completly new mould with 2 distinctive features:

  1. Handle is 1 cm longer: this feature helps those players with a two-handed backhand.
  2. The length of the handle moves racquet’s balance 4 cm towards the head for those players who need more power on their smash.

These two models also come with a new asymmetric part called Star Balance. This part is  located in the throat and provides a perfect weight balance.

It is also worth mentioning that these 2 models include a protective strip on the frame that protect from scrapes and bangs.

This is the racquet of choice of some professional players such as Javi Garrido and Mari Carmen Villalba or our beloved aussie, Tim Brown.


Javi Garrido

Mari Carmen Villalba


Triton and Triton PRO have a rough surface called Full Plane Effect. This is a special feature that StarVie works in the mould itself instead of on the stickers placed on the racquet. Full Plane Effect provides a better control and it increases ball spin.

Both racquets are made 100% of Carbon Fibre, the frame as well as the surface. Carbon Fibre plays a crucial role on racquet’s durability and control. Another technology to highlight is its Anatomic Bridge Design. This throat’s shape provides more comfort in two-handed backhand shots and it also easies racquets movements because it is more aerodynamic.

Tim Brown

As it was mentioned above these models have a completly new tear shape mould with a handle 1 cm longer and a new part called Star Balance located in the throat.

The difference between them lies on their rubbers. While Triton carries a soft rubber that helps shots such as “víboras” and “bandejas” and it is easier to use in defensive situations, Triton PRO comes with a hard rubber that provides more power on smash and more control on volley.


These racquets are designed for agressive and technical players who look for power on their over shoulder shots. While Triton PRO excels on smash and provides an outstanding control on volley if we impact the ball inside the sweet spot; Triton speeds up “víboras” and “bandejas” as well as volley.

Both models are 100% made in Spain in our factory located in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara, Madrid) following a hand made process.