StarVie Brava Black Edtion 2020 is a Made in Spain racquet produced in our factory located in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara, Madrid) following a hand made process that is composed of 9 stages: design, die-cutting, shaping, removing surplus material, puttying racquet imperfections, paiting, placing stickers, drilling and placing cord, cap and grip.

Brava Black Edition is a tear shape racquet that suits those players who have a more offensive play. Its weight balance is located on the head helping to speed the ball up in over shoulder shots. Its rubber density is soft  and it provides an astonishing ball output. This is the model that professional players such as Gonzalo Rubio, Adrián Blanco o Javier González Barahona play with.

Adrián Blanco

Javier González & Gonzalo Rubio


Brava Black Edition has a rough surface (Full Plane Effect) that provides a better control and it increases ball spin. It is made by different layers of Corbon Fibre and a layer of Fibre Glass S2 that offer a better resistance to impacts and high tempertures. It also comes with Five Sides Tech design that provides rigidity to the racquet’s structure and makes the racquet more aerodynamic. Finally, Brava Core located in the throat optimises its balance and offers an extra rigidity in that area.


Brava Black Edition is a classic of StarVie racquet’s collection. It is one of the best selling racquets in StarVie’s history and it is because of its versatility. It is very agressive in shots such as “víboras” and “bandejas” due to its ball output and is also extremly comfortable in defensive situations. Those players who love being in the net and pushing with their volleys will find with this racquet their best partner.