StarVie Titania

STARVIE TITANIA is a padel racket designed for intermediate players who look for comfort, precision and balance.

It has an unbelievable response on defending situations and also allows you to speed the ball up in offensive situations. This padel racket has a spectacular performance in shots such as “víboras”, “bandejas” and wall outputs due to its soft EVA rubber.

STARVIE TITANIA introduces a new technology called Extreme Spot. This technology in the frame makes bigger the sweet spot on the face increasing the feeling of control.

TITANIA is the softest STARVIE racquet of 2020 collection Made in Spain, its soft EVA rubber plus its fibre glass on the face provides a very comfortable and pleasant touch of the ball. Additionally this feature helps you out in defensive situations because soft EVA rubber increases the ball output, therefore you need less effort to put the ball back to the other side of the court.

Nevertheless it keeps STARVIE TITANIA keeps its full carbon frame that it provides strengthen and durability to the racquet.

In conclusion we could say that this is a very comfortable padel racket for those who like to manage the tempo of the match. It is specially recommended for forehand side players.

$278.00 GST Excl.

Weight 650 g
Made in




Sort of player


Sort of play

Control and power



Racquet’s plane

Carbon fibre


Soft EVA rubber



Sweet spot



38 mm


From 350 gr to 385 gr



Wrinkled area on racquet's plane


Titania technologies and features:

  • Fibre glass racquet’s plane: this material provides a softer and more pleasant touch when ball is hit.
  • Full carbon frame: it is lighter and it provides a better durability.
  • Titania Core: this piece is located in the padel racket’s throat and optimizes the balance of the padel racket. Additionally it gives a better rigidity in the area to absorb vibrations.
  • Extreme Spot: it is a new technology in the frame that it makes the sweet spot bigger.
  • Soft EVA Rubber: it delivers a better ball output. Ideal on defensive situations and offensive shots such as “bandeja” or “víbora”.
  • Anatomic Bridge Design: it provides a better agility in your movements; therefore it allows impacting the ball faster and strongly.
  • Reinforcement Torsion System: heart’s throat of the racquet designed to absorb vibrations from the head.
  • Hollow system: perforation system based on its circular distribution. It avoids fibre cracks and provides a better control.


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