StarVie racquets are designed with the most modern techniques and produced in a handcraft process in our StarVie Factory located in Azuqueca de Henares (Spain). Therefore one of the most important aspects to take into account is the materials selection. Racquets quality as well as racquets playability are directly related to these choices.

Research, development and innovation are StarVie distinguishing marks and we apply these principals to the search of new technologies and materials as well as the improvement of the production process in our Factory.

We purchase the materials we use in our Factory to the best and the most trustable companies located in Europe and The US. The materials we use have a detailed list of parameters and features that specifically measure their behaviour. All this allows us to know how they work altogether and what they exactly provide to every single racquet in terms of playability and durability. It is also worth mentioning that you will not be able to find the materials we use (fibres, resins and stickers) in most racquets produced in Asia.

The most important goal is to provide different and unique features to each and every racquet and to maximize racquets live and resistance. All StarVie racquets are produced under the same process and the same quality on their materials therefore we could say that StarVie racquets have a premium category and quality.

Some people might wonder why StarVie racquets have different prices if they all follow the same processes and have the same materials. Well, the differences consist in how many materials and how much we use in every model, the time it takes to finish a racquet that it may vary depending on its features, the paint’s design, the wrinkled area on its surface and the stickers used.



The carbon fibre knitting used in our production comes from two of the main companies in the world in this industry, Toray and Teijin Carbon. Their products come with a long list of parameters that measure properties such as deformation, density, elongation, stress capacity or material’s fatigue.

From players’ point of view, carbon fibre provides more stiffness therefore we can apply more power if we compare it to other materials like fibre glass, basalt or aluminium.


StarVie is the only brand in the market that uses this material on racquet’s surface. StarVie Aluminium comes with an aluminium layer in a netting shape attached to the Soft EVA rubber. This union increases the power of the racquet.

This racquet is designed to improve control and power of a Soft rubber racquet but without losing the comfort provided by this kind of rubbers.


We are also the only brand that uses this material on racquets surface. Basalt, combined with carbon fibre, provides more durability, resistance to materials’ stress and keeps the initial properties of the racquet longer. As a result we designed Basalto Gravity, a racquet that provides an astonishing comfort and a tremendous ball output.


We use EVA rubbers exclusively designed and manufactured to produce padel racquets. These EVA rubbers have an amazing rebound and they are created to resist the racquet’s live time without losing their technical characteristics.

These rubbers come from European manufacturers that, as well as the fibres we mentioned above, come with a detailed technical datasheet that explains every single aspect of their behaviour.

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